Where to get the shuttle from Paris-Beauvais Airport?

The shuttle park dedicated to official shuttles is located between the two terminals at the bus station and accessible on foot.


When does the shuttle leave from Paris-Beauvais Airport to Paris Porte-Maillot?

Shuttles leave 20 / 25 minutes after each arrival flight from the airport. (timetable may change depending on arrival flights). Further information here.


Where to get the shuttle from Paris Porte-Maillot?

Shuttles leave from Pershing bus park, 22-24 Boulevard Pershing 75017 Paris. For an easy access or swift connections, access to RER station / Line C and subway station / Line 1 from the Congress Palace.


When does the shuttle leave from Paris Porte-Maillot to Paris-Beauvais Airport?

Shuttles leave Porte Maillot 3 hours before each departure flight (4 hours with Air Moldova). Further information here.


Where are the car parks?

The drop off and Car Park P1 are located close to Terminal 1.

Car parks P2 and P3 are near Terminal 2.

Car Park P4, the one recommended for a long stay, is after Car Park P3.

The Bus Park will be available between P3 and P4.

Further information here.


Where is the car parks office ?

The parking office is located in Terminal 2, on the left side of the arrival lounge.


Are terminals accessible on foot ?

Yes, the two terminals are accessible on foot from each car park, drop-off included.


What papers are needed to travel by plane?

Any major or minor French national intending to use air transport, including in the national territory, must have a valid national identity card or passport as the case may be. However, we invite you to visit the websites of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or contact your airline


Is the authorization to leave the territory necessary for traveling with a minor child?

From January 15, 2017, a minor child who lives in France and travels abroad alone or without being accompanied by one of his parents must have an authorization to leave the territory.


How to reach Paris-Beauvais Airport by car?

Enter in your GPS : Route de l’aéroport 60000 Tillé.


Is the aiport serviced by public transport?

The airport has a bus station allowing you to arrive by different means of transport :

  • Airport official shuttle from Paris Porte-Maillot
  • Coach 6 from Beauvais city center or the railway station
  • Coach line 42 from Amiens.

More information here.


Where are located Terminal 1 and Terminal 2?

Terminal 1 and 2 are located on each side of the bus station. Find the detailed plan of the terminals here.


What are the opening hours of the airport?

Terminals times are defined according to flights. Find all the schedules here.


I have an early flight, is it possible to sleep at the airport?

No, the airport is closed at night. If you come from Paris to take an early morning flight, you can take the official shuttle dedicated to your flight 3 hours before this one. Alternatively, you can opt for one of the Beauvais hotels.


How far in advance do I have to come to catch my flight?

This time can vary according to each one: knowledge of the airport, habit of traveling or some apprehensions before the trip ... It is important to inform you before the trip of the GTC of the company with which you travel. Nevertheless, we advise you to be at the airport between 1h00 and 1h30 before your flight.

How to contact Paris-Beauvais Airport?

Phone : 0 892 68 20 66 (€ 0.45 per minute)

Post : SAGEB Aéroport de Beauvais-Tillé, CS 20442, 60004 Beauvais Cedex /



How to make a request?

Any request or complain, reach online or by post : SAGEB Aéroport de Beauvais-Tillé, CS 20442, 60004 Beauvais Cedex


How to apply for a job at Paris-Beauvais Airport?

Find all job offers here.


Where can I find information on the measures put in place for the environment or sustainable development?

More information here.


Where can I find information about advertising displays at the airport?

More information here.

How long is the journey ?

The approximate time of the journey is  1h15 (depending on traffic conditions).


How to know the way of journey on my ticket ?

Shuttles can be taken whatever the way of travel.


How often do the shuttles run between Paris-Beauvais Airport and Paris Porte Maillot ?

Shuttles are planned on flight activity. Further information here.

Which is the cheapest car park?

Car Park P4 offers the best rate, more interesting by booking online. Rates and quotes here.


Is there any shuttle to reach terminals?

No, reaching terminals will be done on foot, car parks are less than 10 minutes far from terminals.


Is there any bus park ?

Yes, there is a bus park located between P3 and P4. Further information here.


Are car parks covered?

No, car parks are not covered.


Are there any height restrictions to get access to car parks?

Yes, the height limit is at 2.10M except on car park P4 where there is no restriction.


Is there any park for motorbikes or scooters?

No, there is no dedicated park but you can easily park your vehicle on one of the 4,500 spaces.


Is there any drop-off parking?

Yes, arriving at the airport and close to P1, you will find the drop-off parking. Barriers to enter the parking are on the left line once the height limit crossed.


Are there available trolleys on parkings?

No, there is no trolley on parkings.


I am a reduced mobility person. Where to park?

Dedicated spaces are available on each parking : close to terminals on P1 and P3 or close to the barrier entrance on P4. No specific rates are available.


The parking is full. What to do?

If you want to book online, the parking will not be available. If you want to enter a full parking, it will be written at the barrier and will not open.

What are the rules for the carriage of liquid products in the cabin?

It is highly advisable to place your liquids, gels, aerosols and any soft or pasty substance in your hold baggage. It may be possible to travel with this type of products in the cabin under certain conditions:

  • in containers of maximum 100 mL or 100g
  • placed in a single and resealable plastic bag of 1L maximum (20cm X 20cm)

However, certain exceptions are possible for people traveling with young children or requiring specific treatment subject to additional checks and prescription. More information here.


I bought food products during my stay (cheeses, pates, wine, ...), will they be allowed in my carry-on?

All products with malleable substances are subject to the same restrictions as liquids. A soft nougat, soft cheeses or tapenade will be refused if their capacity is greater than 100 ml or 100g. The same observation will be made for honey, jams or pâtés. The articles with a substance called "solid" type charcuterie, tomme type cheese or chocolate, for example, are authorized in the cabin. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to place all these products in your hold baggage. More information here.


Is it possible to buy liquids over 100 mL in duty-free and carry them on board?

Yes, the merchandise at the duty-free level has been checked. On the other hand we invite you to get closer to the trade where you buy the product in terms of the transport modes of the liquids bought in duty free.


I lost my luggage, where to go?

Contact the Baggage Department during the hours of operation to the right of the arrival hall in Terminal 2 or by


I forgot or lost an item, where to go?

Coming from a flight, a shuttle or in the airport, contact the Lost and Found Department during the hours of operation to the right of the arrival hall in Terminal 2 or by mail :


My luggage is damaged on arrival of my flight, what to do?

Contact the arrival of your flight to the Baggage service to make a declaration of damage. Be careful, the declaration can not be done once you leave the airport.


What are the weight and size of checked baggage?

We invite you to consult these elements on the website of the airline with which you are traveling.


What are the prohibited items in cabin baggage?

Consult the items list here.


What items are prohibited in hold baggage?

Consult the items list here. Attention, we remind that it is very important to consult in advance the conditions of transport of the company with which you travel. FAQs are also available for your trip, your luggage, your formalities according to the travel company.


Can I travel with my pet?

Except for Ryanair and Wizz Air, all of our airlines allow animal owners to travel with their pets.

Which shops are present at the airport?

Public hallBoarding
Terminal 1RelayAelia
Terminal 2Relay / Aelia

More information on shops here.


Where to eat at the airport?

Public hallBoarding
Terminal 1Pizzeria Tony / Sport's Bar / Monop' DailyIlly Café
Terminal 2Brasserie Le Faubourg / PaulTrib's

More information of restaurants here.


What are zero-rated products and how to benefit from tax refund?

In the boarding lounge, you can buy cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco, jewelery, luxury accessories or regional products in the duty-free shops. To benefit from the tax refund, you must reside outside the European Union, be 16 years old or older and be in France for less than 6 months. You must have made your purchases the same day and in the same shop for an amount greater than €175.00 all taxes included and you must bring back these goods yourself in your countryof residence. 

How much does the shuttle ticket cost?

OnlineTicket office and vending machines
One way ticket (adult above 12)€16.90€18.00
One way ticket (4 - 11 included)€9.90€18.00
Return ticket (adult above 12)€29.90€€35.00
Return ticket (4 - 11 included)€19.80€35.00
Shuttles are free for children till 3 included(from 4, a ticket will be compulsory).


Where to buy the shuttle ticket?

AirportTicket office between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2Vending machines in the arrival halls ot Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
Paris Porte-MaillotTicket office and vending machines ont the Pershing bus park
OnlineEasier and faster, buy your shuttle ticket online here (we advise you to get it 24 hours )


How to pay for my shuttle ticket?

AirportTicket office: cash and credit cards Mastercard / VisaVending machines: cards  Mastercard / Visa
Paris Porte-MaillotTicket office: cash and credit cards Mastercard / VisaVending machines: cards  Mastercard / Visa
Onlinecards Mastercard / Visa


Can I use my navigo pass on the shuttle?

No, you need to buy and get a shuttle ticket online or at ticket offices at the airport or Porte Maillot.

What are the hours of car parks?

Car parks are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.


What are the hours of the car parks office?

Car parks office opens depending on flight activity. The office is mainly open from 03:30 AM to 11:30 PM (if the flight is delayed, the office will remain open as well).


If I reach the car park out of flight activity, will I pick my car up?

Car parks and automatic machines are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


What to do if the office is closed?

It is possible to reach an agent by the intercom at the barrier or by the intercom at the office, on the right side of the office.

On which terminal is my flight operated? Is it possible to know it in advance?

To get information on the terminal your flight will be operated, click here if your flight is D-day or click here if your flight is at least the following day. Screens with terminal of departure are available at the airport close to the check-in zone. Find the terminals maps here. To help you on stage, Terminal 1 (T1) is the blue terminal, Terminal 2 (T2) is the grey one.


Where can I find all the destinations offered by Paris-Beauvais Airport?

To get information on destinations click here or in our brochure «  l’Essenciel » available in the two terminals (central page).


Is it possible to know in advance the terminal my flight will be operated?

You can get information on our website by clicking on (


My flight is cancelled. What to do?

In case of cancelled flight, we invite you to contact the airline you are travelling with, on the help part of the airline online.


What time does it take to arrive at the airport to check in?

Check-in and boarding depend on the airline you fly with. We invite you to consult the specific terms and conditions of your travel company


Is it possible to buy a plane ticket on D-Day at the airport?

Depending on flight availability and check-in periods, it is possible to go to the airline counter located on each terminal to inquire and claim the purchase of a plane ticket. However, buying online at the airline's website is still cheaper.


I want to change or cancel my flight, how to proceed?

Changes or cancellations of flights depend on the conditions of the airline with which you are traveling. We invite you to consult the specific terms and conditions of your travel company.


I will want to know if my flight is maintained, canceled, delayed, etc ... Where to inform me?

Information are available here for the D-Day or on the airline website you travel with.


Can my child travel alone?

We invite you to consul tour section dedicated to « alone or accompanied child ».


Where can I find assistance for people with reduced mobility?

We invite you to consult our section dedicated to « reduced mobilty passengers ».

Is there a hotel near the airport?

The nearest hotel is 2 kilometers from the airport. You benefit from a diversified hotel offer in the Ther Allonne shopping area or in downtown Beauvais. They are served throughout the day by shuttles 6 and NA.


Is there a public phone at the airport?

Yes, Internet terminals located in the public hall of Terminal 2, allow you to call. You can also buy prepaid phone cards at Relay stores located in Terminal 1's public hall and Terminal 2 boarding lounge.


Can I connect to the internet in the terminal?

Yes, wifi is free and unlimited throughout the platform. The Wifi function of your device (computer, tablet or phone) must be activated. Select the "Free Wifi Beauvais Airport" network and connect. Then launch your usual internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari ...). You will be automatically redirected to the airport portal to authenticate. Internet terminals are available in the public hall of Terminal 2. More info here.


What are the benefits of the fast-track and how to get it?

The fast-track is a priority access to screening passengers and luggage cabin (security checks before entering the boarding lounge). By going through a dedicated queue, it saves you time when passing through the traditional queue. You can buy your fast-track online until the day before you leave. Sold individually, it costs 10 € or associated with the official shuttle ticket (shuttle ticket one way + fast-track = 19,90 €). More information here.


Is there an opportunity to withdraw currency at the airport?

A foreign currency ATM is available at Terminal 2. You will find foreign currency for England, Hungary and Poland.


Is there an ATM at the airport?

Crédit Agricole ATM (Terminal 1) and Euronet ATM (Terminal 2) are at your disposal.


Are specific places available at baby terminals?


To comfortably change your baby, there are baby changing rooms at your disposal in T1 & T2 public halls and departure lounges, and in T2 arrival lounge.



Where can I charge my mobile phone?

Chargebox kiosks are available in the departure lounges of Terminals 1 and 2.


Where can I find information about my flight?

Screens are placed in both terminals to keep you informed in real time of the status of your flight. The staff of the Paris-Beauvais Airport is at your disposal to inform you. The reception is in the public hall of Terminal 1, open from 7 am until 15 minutes after the last flight of the day.


Is there an office for each company at the airport?

Blue Air, Ryanair and Wizz Air counters are available in the public halls of Terminals 1 and 2. They are open during terminal opening hours and close 15 minutes after the arrival of the last flight of the day. The agents inform you about your flight, the rates and conditions of sale of your ticket, the collection of fees or the management of irregularities and the services offered by your company.


Are there car rental companies at the airport?

Several car rental agencies are at your disposal close to Terminals 1 and 2: Sixt, Hert - Thrifty - Firefly, Europcar and Avis - Budget. They offer a wide choice of vehicles and prices, to meet all your needs. More info here.


Can I smoke / vape at the airport?

No, according to the regulations in force, it is forbidden to smoke and vapote in the terminals.

Is my ticket nominative?

No, a shuttle ticket is non nominative.


How to show my ticket?

Shuttle tickets can be either printed or downloaded on any Smartphone (get a higher light on your device).


How long is the ticket valid?

The shuttle ticket is valid for 12 months from the purchase date.


I did not get my ticket, what to do?

At first, consult your spams on your mail box. If the ticket is not in spams, contact or ask at ticket offices with your receipt or order number starting with CO and 14 figures then (ex : CO19040512453234).


The QR Code is not available on my ticket, what to do?

The QR code is located  on the lower left portion of the ticket . Any trouble, contact


My child is under 4, how will he travel on board?

Your child will not get any ticket to travel on the shuttle and will be sitting on your lap. There must be a free seat closed to you.



What are the means of payment accepted?

Cash and credit cards (Visa / Mastercard) are accepted.


Where to pay if I did not book online ?

You can pay :

  • By credit card at the exit of each car park,
  • By cash or credit card at the automatic machines located on Car Park P1 or outside Terminal 2,
  • By cash or credit card at the car parks office.


Do you take holidays checks ?

No, holidays checks are not accepted.


How to get information on each car park rates?

Rates on each car park are available by clicking « prices » on the chosen car park.


I lost my car park ticket, what to do?

Reach the car parks office in Terminal 2 with a proof of travel or element giving any idea on your entrance. If not, there will be a lump sum of € 250.00  for lost ticket.


I correctly did the payment and when I put the ticket inside the barrier, the barrier does not open. What to do?

In case of trouble at the exit barrier with the ticket, reach the parking office with the intercom on the barrier.

How to prepare for my transition to security controls?

When passing through security controls and once the access doors are past, passengers are asked to:

  • keep your boarding pass by hand,
  • apart from cabin baggage: liquids, aerosols and gels less than 100 mL, presented in a clear, resealable plastic bag (1 bag per person) with a maximum capacity of one liter, the contents to be accommodated easily in the closed bag.
  • remove coats or jackets, belt, large jewelry, watch, and drop them in your bunk.
  • deposit laptops and other large electronic devices in a separate bin from the one containing the cabin luggage.

Unless specifically requested by the security agents, it is not necessary to remove the small jewels. Pockets of undressed clothing should be emptied. As a precaution, to avoid any loss or forgetfulness, valuables should not be placed directly in the bins but rather in a bag or in the pockets a garment removed (jacket, jacket, coat ...)


Can I carry medicine in cabin baggage?

Medicines useful for the duration of the trip are transportable in the cabin, even in the form of liquids, pastes and gels and even if they exceed 100ml or 100 g of capacity, without medical prescription.


Can I bring water bottles in cabin baggage?

Only drinks bought in boarding halls are allowed because they have been subject to specific security checks to ensure their integrity.


I travel with my young child. Can I get to the plane with a trolley?

Yes, as well as any other child equipment (harness, seat, cozy, ..) that will be subject to a security check. This equipment can then be dropped off at dedicated places before boarding for pick-up by the baggage staff.


I just had an accident and I have to move on crutches. Can I bring them on board?

Yes, all equipment such as canes, crutches, walkers are allowed on board but will be controlled by means of safety equipment.


What if I kept a forbidden item on my cabin luggage?

The object must be abandoned for destruction at the Inspection Station Filtering with the security officer. Depending on the nature of the object, you may be advised the Tripperty service. Offered by La Poste Group, this paid and secure service allows you to pick up your item when you return or have it sent to the address of your choice. This service incurs a minimum charge of € 10. The object is put in a packaging provided for this purpose by an airport security officer and the label containing the number of your packaging is given to you. If your object exceeds the dimensions of the packaging, the identifier of your object will be affixed directly on it and the label will be given to you. With this tag, you log in to the Tripperty site, enter the number and indicate how you want to recover your item:

  • withdrawal within 14 days at the Paris-Beauvais Airport, at the Relay Terminal 1 shop (from € 10.00)
  • shipping to the address of your choice (shipping your item in France, Europe and International / single fare of € 20.00 for shipping to France).

More information here.

Is there any restriction on pieces of baggage?

No, there is no restriction.


Does the price include baggage ?

Yes, baggage are included in the price.


Are oversized baggage (bikes, trolleys, musical instruments,…) accepted on board ?

Oversized baggage are only accepted in the shuttle hold. We advise you to warm agents or drivers in advance in order to get a free space in the hold for your oversized element.

Can I pay for a subscription?

You can subscribe by sending your request to :


Which car park(s) allow(s) me to get a subscription?

There are two options for a subscription that you can find here.


How to cancel or stop my car park subscription?

Terms and conditions are available in article 2.1.7 from car parks Terms and Conditions available here.


Can I get as many cards as I wish for any subscription?

No, only one card will be delivered per person and per a unique vehicle.


When to ask for a new subscription when the one I have is about to be over?

You are allowed to make it till 3 weeks before the end of the running one.


I forgot my card. What to do?

Take a ticket at the barrier and on your way back, reach the car parks office at Terminal 2 with the ticket and information about your subscription. The agent will check if you are or not on the car park and if not, a ticket will be delivered to get out of the car park.


I lost my card. What to do?

An lump sum of € 20.00 will be asked in order to get a new card and erase the lost one.

Do I need to get a account to book online?

No, it is not compulsory to get an account on the website but it can be useful if you want to take benefit from promotions or credit loyalties once available.


How to create my account?

At first, click on the item on the left of the cart in the top part of the website homepage. Then, click on « create my account » and fulfill the registration.


How to cancel my account?

Reach your profile and click on « information » and on the lower part, you can erase your profile.


What to do in case od forgotten password?

Click on « forgotten password » and a link will be sent on the registered mail automatically. Open the link and register a new password.


Is online payment secure?

Yes, online payment is secure ; You can see it with the lpadlock symbol in the address bar.


I want to erase my credit card information. What to do?

Write to and ask the cancellation.


I cannot confirm my online booking. What to do?

Erase all cookies on your computer and connect with Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.


Which credit cards are accepted online?

Visa and Mastercard are mainly accepted.


We want to share payment for car park spaces online, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to pay a car park space to several by selecting "share pay" when validating the payment. Then, our partner ‘s website Pledg will be opened.

What is the advantage of booking online?

This allows you to travel safely at a good price, especially on car park P4. As an example, for a 3-day car park (rate as of 27/03/2019), the price is € 38.50 on site while it is € 22.00 online.


Does my online booking guarantee me a dedicated car park spot?

There is no dedicated car park space but when you make your reservation, you choose a car park that will be dedicated to you.


Can I book online?

Yes, you can book online.


Can I book by phone?

No, no booking can be made by phone.


Are all car parks available for online booking?

Yes, car parks P1, P2, P3 and P4 are available for booking online.


My vehicle is oversized. Can I make a car park booking?

Our templates have a maximum height of 2.10M. If your vehicle is oversized, it is possible to book car park P4.


What are the items sent once my reservation confirmed?

A first email is sent to you with the invoice and a second email with the booking form on which your 6-digit code appears.


If I did not receive anything by email, what to do?

Check out your spams. On the other hand

> If you already created an account :

  • Reach your account
  • “suivi de commande”
  • Choose the selected item and click on  “action”
  • “visualiser”
  • Once your page open, click on “action”
  • “télécharger le produit”

> If you did not get an account, contact giving your name, mail address that you registered and the order booking starting with CO + 14 figures ( ex : CO19040511254632).


Is there a delay between my reservation made online and the receipt of documents?

In general, the registration time may be 5 minutes after the act of purchase. This can be a little longer depending on your banking establishment.


Is there a maximum booking period?

You can book until 7:00 before the arrival time in the car park. There is no other constraint


Is my voucher sent to me by mail?

No, the voucher is sent by email to the one indicated during the purchase.


If I make a reservation until midnight, is it the day before or the next day that is taken into account?

If midnight is indicated, it will be the beginning of the day filled (example: the end of reservation is indicated at 00:00 on 03/04/2019, it is about the passage in the night of 02 to 03). We advise you to indicate 11 :45 PM or 12 :15 AM depending on the chosen day.


On the day, how far in advance can I arrive?

A tolerance of 3 hours before the beginning of my booking is accepted.


Is there a tolerance after the exit time indicated on my ticket?

A tolerance of 4 hours after the end of my reservation is accepted


Can I benefit from a withdrawal period?

Yes, if I meet the terms and conditions of the withdrawal period and download the form available.


How can I claim my refund if I meet the cancellation conditions?

It is possible to do it from his account:

  • Suivi de commande
  • The selected product
  • action
  • request on the product.

Or by maill : , we advise you to give us the order booking (COXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ).

How to use the access code? How is he composed?

On the voucher, a 6-digit code is located in the box at the top left. Simply enter at the entrance of the selected park, a ticket recalling the period is issued (below this section).


How do I know if my code worked?

The terminal delivers a ticket with the mention "Resaplace" and the park period filled.


If not, what should you do?

You will need to pick up a ticket at the entrance terminal, park and present yourself only on the day of return to the car parks office (Terminal 2).


What to do when I arrive at the car park exit?

If the ticket has been set and there is "Resaplace" on the ticket, simply insert the ticket into the exit terminal and the barrier will open.


I returned without having entered my code or my code did not work, what to do?

It is possible to join an agent to the intercom by indicating the reservation number, the reservation code or to present you to the car park office, the day of return, with all the elements of the reservation to obtain an exit ticket.


Do I have to present my car park ticket at the automatic cash registers?

No, the "Resaplace" ticket is not to be presented at the automatic pay stations, only at the exit terminal.


Can I use my booking voucher many times?

No, the voucher is valid for entry and exit of a single vehicle. Any early departure and whatever the reason and the car park time can not be the subject of a refund request.

What will happen if I exceed the period of my reservation?

Overtaking is charged according to the price list posted at the entrance of the car park or viewable here.


Where can I pay extra for my online reservation?

If your ticket mentions "Resaplace", you can pay directly at the exit terminal by entering the ticket and then the bank card, otherwise at the car park office (Terminal 2).


How to cancel an order?

Car park order cancellation can be made from the account created online or by mail to within a maximum of 24 hours before the day and time of entry entered.


I wish to modify my reservation. What to do ?

No reservation modification is accepted. It is possible to make a second reservation if this is part of a reservation extension (before or after). Otherwise, you must make a new reservation online and then request the cancellation of the first order from your account created or  by specifying the order reference to be canceled (COXXXXXXXXXXXXXX).


I want to change the registration plate of the vehicle, is it possible?

No, no license plate modification is possible. The most important thing is to have the 6-digit code.

My reservation ticket is not set with the reserved period. What to do?

You therefore have a normal car park ticket and you will come to the car parks office (Terminal 2) when you return and the elements of your reservation to obtain an exit ticket.


I lost my reservation ticket. What to do?

Appointment to the car parks office (Terminal 2) only the day of your return provided with the elements of your reservation to obtain an exit ticket. If you are unable to justify your reservation, it will be the lost ticket package of 250,00 € which will be applied.


Do I have to present my reservation ticket at the exit points?

If the ticket is set and the word "Resaplace" is visible, it must be presented as an output terminal.


Do I have to present my reservation ticket to the automatic cash registers?

If the ticket is set and the word "Resaplace" is visible, do not present the ticket to the automatic pay stations.

If I lose my code, how to access the car park?

Before arriving, send an email to  for the return of the elements or at the barrier thanks to the intercom connected to the car parks office.


I returned without having dialed my code. Is that bad?

Yes, in the sense that the reservation has not been taken into account. You will have to go back to the car parks office (Terminal 2).


Only one date is set on the ticket, my date of entry, my code has it worked?

No, the booking code worked if the car park ticket shows the start and end date of the booking and the word "Resaplace".


Can I enter the same code multiple times?

No, a code entered is a unique code. There are no multiple attempts.


I used my code to enter, I entered and came out 2 hours later. I want to use my code again, is it possible?

No, from the moment the code is entered and the ticket is set, only an entry and an exit can be validated, regardless of the car park period.

I inserted my ticket in the barrier and it does not open. What to do?

Contact the car parks office through the intercom and explain the concern.


I entered my code and the barrier does not open. What to do?

Retry a code entry by checking the elements. Otherwise, take an entry ticket by pressing the ticket button and only on return you present to the car parks office (Terminal 2) with your booking items.

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