Airport Fees

Airport Fees

Find here all the information on the rates and conditions of airport fees at Paris-Beauvais Airport: Public, non-aeronautical and aeronautical fees.

Public Fees

The occupation of the public domain of Paris-Beauvais Airport is the subject of a temporary occupation agreement and gives rise to the payment of a fee. This varies according to the nature, location and destination of the premises.

The premises can be delivered raw or furnished. In the case of adjustments made by the delegated company, these are invoiced:

  • on the basis of the prices set out on this page, in the case of standard fittings;
  • on the basis of the actual cost of the latter, possibly increased by 15% of overheads, if they are personalized fittings.

Depending on the nature of the activity carried out, the fee is made up of a fixed part based on state occupation, and may be accompanied by a variable part based on turnover (commercial fee).

State occupancy also requires the payment of a security deposit, no later than the date of entry into the assigned premises. It corresponds to three months of occupancy fee, fixed part excluding taxes of the current rate.

Except for special conditions provided for in the contract, occupancy fees are invoiced monthly in terms to accrue.

Rental charges and common services

Repairs, rental maintenance of buildings as well as any common and individual charges are the responsibility of its occupants, as provided for in the general terms and conditions governing the land occupation agreements at Paris Beauvais Airport.

The occupant undertakes to pay the delegate company its share of the charges necessary for the proper functioning of the building. As such, a provision for charges will be called monthly:

  • cleaning of interior and exterior common surfaces;
  • green spaces ;
  • insurance;
  • hot and cold water;
  • heating ;
  • fire extinguishers ;
  • electricity ;
  • property taxes ;
  • management fees ;
  • guarding;
  • amortization share;
  • periodic security checks and common areas.

The payment of this provision for charges is made by the holder of an occupation permit at the same time as the payment of each of the terms of the rent. The account is adjusted once a year based on the actual costs of the charges incurred by the airport.

Office and sales areas, storage, land and premises and parking

Prices below in euros excluding VAT, per annual m² and excluding charges.

Office and sales areas

Designation Price HT Unit
Office areas 124,50 € m²/year
Sales areas 173 € m²/year
Sales counter (T.O) 70 € 1/2 day
Reception structure for groups 310 € day
1540 € week

Storage areas

Prices for warehouse/reserve areas intended for occupants of commercial areas at the airport:

Designation Price HT Unit
Area < à 200 m² 87 € m²/year
Area > à 200 m² 70 €




Désignation Tarif HT Unité
Bare land serviced from 0 to 3000 m² 10 € m²/year
Bare serviced land > 3000 m²/ 7,90 € m²/year
Undeveloped bare land 4,20 € m²/year

Private and pleasure craft

Designation Price HT Unit
Hangar rental 23,73 € m²/year
Hangar rental: standard aircraft space of 100 m²) 2 281,10 €

per year


Evolution of state fees

The rates for other state fees are updated according to the special conditions provided for in the contract.

Non-aeronautical Fees

Commercial Shootings

Rates for the organization of filming or photography within the airport premises:

Designation Rates excluding tax per half day Rates excl. VAT per day
Movie 2000€ / half day 3000€ / day
Photography 1000€ / half day 1500€ / day


Advertising services

Benefit Price excl. VAT
Unique advertiser banner on the home page with link 920€ / month (depending on the available format)
Unique banner ad with link on all pages 990€ / month (depending on the available format)
Multiple banner ad with link on the home page 800€ / month (depending on the available format)
Multiple banner ad with link on all pages 900€ / month (depending on the available format)
Accommodation section on the site 350€ / mois (selon le nombre de pages)
Insertion of a partner section in the newsletter 600€ / sending (for 60,000 subscribers)
Insertion on the ticketing page 700€ / month (depending on the available format)
Electronic ticket reservation insertion for bus tickets* 0,35€ / unit
Terminal display screens (excluding check-in screens) from 500€ / quarter
Broadcast of a promotional film (excluding recording screens) lasting > 1 minute 4 900€ per year
Advertising on boarding passes* 3 900€ (per 100,000 units)
Advertising on luggage tags 2 800€ (per 100,000 units)
Advertisment display Consult the advertising department
Display on the 2 panels located at the parking payment booths 5 000€ / year
Advertising on parking tickets* 0,55€ / unit
Advertising on bus tickets* 0,55€ / unit
Advertising on bus tickets* 2 500€ the slide / year (subject to availability)

*Degressive price according to the desired volumes.

For any information not listed in the table above, go to the Advertisers section.


Licensed Taxi Charges

Prices relating to authorized taxis and holders of a parking permit on the airport public domain, issued by the prefect of the Oise. These taxis are authorized to park in the spaces provided for this purpose, within the limits of available places:


Subscription Price excl. VAT
Quarterly 250€
Annual 700€


Operators and occupants

Rates for parking spaces reserved for operators or occupants of the platform, within the limit of 6 consecutive hours of parking, for customers who have consumed in their store on D-Day for a minimum purchase amount.

These rates are applicable under conditions of commitment of duration and volume of parking tickets consumed. They are formalized within the framework of the contract binding the operator or occupant to the Beauvais Airport Management and Exploitation Company (SAGEB).

The minimum purchase amount will be defined by the operator or occupant according to his activity and will be brought to the attention of SAGEB prior to any application, for validation.

The duration commitment (1 year minimum) is defined in the contract binding the operator or occupant to SAGEB.

Parking tickets are validated directly by the operator or occupant, using a reading, control and validation system installed in its sign and owned by SAGEB. The cost of subscribing to this service is the cost price of the equipment, plus 30% for processing and maintenance costs.

The monthly volume of tickets consumed for each segment of parking duration makes it possible to define the decreasing rates applicable to each segment:


Number of tickets consumed per month and per slice From 1 to 100 tickets From 101 to 200 tickets From 201 to 400 tickets More than 401 tickets
Parking time Price excl. VAT Price excl. VAT Price excl. VAT Price excl. VAT
From 0 to 30 minutes 0,89€ 0,85€ 0,82€ 0,79€
From 310 minutes to 1 hour 2,03€ 1,89€ 1,77€ 1,63€
1 hour to 2 hours 3,88€ 3,50€ 3,11€ 2,72€
2 hours to 6 hours 10,66€ 10,66€ 6,32€ 4,21€
If the duration is unknown 15e 12€ 10€ 6€

Aeronautical Fees

Aeronautical fees

All aeronautical fees are subject to the provisions of Articles R224-2 and following of the Civil Aviation Code.


Landing fees

In accordance with article R224-2 of the Civil Aviation Code, the landing fee corresponds to the use, by aircraft over 6 tons, of the airport infrastructure and equipment necessary for landing, take-off, taxiing, as well as, where applicable, additional services, such as lighting, flight information and visual aids.

According to the decree of January 24, 1956 (consolidated on February 28, 2009) setting the conditions for the establishment and collection of landing fees and the use of lighting devices to be collected at aerodromes open to air traffic public, the landing fee is payable by any aircraft landing on an aerodrome open to public air traffic.

The rates of this fee are based on the aircraft's maximum certified take-off weight (MMD or MTOW) shown on the aircraft's airworthiness certificate, rounded up to the nearest tonne:


Before-tax rate in euros

0 to 6 tons


7 to 12 tons

7 tons


Additional ton


13 to 24 tons

13 tons


Additional ton


25 to 74 tons

             25 tons


Additional ton


75 tons and + 

             75 tons 


Additional ton


General exemptions

Exempted from the landing fee (article 9 of the January 24th 1956 order setting the conditions of establishing and collecting landing and lighting equipment usage fees to collect on airfields open to public air traffic) are:

  • aircrafts specially attributed to personalities exercising functions whose list is determined by decision of the minister overseeing civil aviation;
  • State aircrafts performing technical missions on order of the minister overseeing civil aviation;
  • aircrafts belonging to an air transport or work company which are carrying out test flights, on the condition that during such flights there is no transport nor remunerated work and that on board are only crew members and persons specially mandated to monitor the tests. Considered as test flights are flights verifying proper functioning carried out after transformation, repair or adjustment of motor units or of aircraft, or after installation of a new device on board the aircraft;
  • aircrafts forced to return to the airport for technical reasons or unfavorable atmospheric circumstances;
  • gliders, sailplanes and airplanes whose weight is under or equal to 3 tons, while used for flying or towing gliders or for the training and practice of sport parachutists.

Particular exemptions

Collector airplanes are 100% exempted from landing fees.

Particular reductions

  • Helicopters enjoy a 50% fee reduction;
  • Aircrafts belonging to a transport company or air work conducting training flights receive a 75% reduction;
  • In the event of an air show, a 50% reduction may be granted upon a SAGEB decision.

Runway lighting fees (for all aircrafts, takeoff and landing).

In compliance with the January 24th 1956 order (consolidated on February 28th, 2009) setting conditions for the establishment and collection of landing fees and use of lighting equipment to collect on airfields open to public air traffic, the lighting fee is due for all aircrafts carrying out a movement (landing or taking off) on an airfield open to public air traffic where the lighting is activated at night or in times of bad visibility, either on request of the aircraft’s captain or for safety reasons upon order of the authority responsible for the lighting.

This fee is €17.07 excluding taxes per service performed.

The same general exemptions as for landing fees apply.


Parking fee (for all aircrafts)

Fee rate

In compliance with article R224-2 of civil aviation regulations, the parking fee corresponds to the use, per aircraft weighing more than 6 tons, of infrastructure and parking equipment, and, if need be, of complementary services such as gangways, electric energy and de-icing.

In compliance with the July 22nd 1959 order (consolidated on March 21st, 2009) relating to conditions of establishment and collection of parking fees from aircraft on airfields open to public air traffic, the rates of this fee correspond to the duration of parking, the characteristics of the aircraft and, if need be, those of the parking area.

This fee is due for all aircraft parking at an apron or garage. It is calculated by ton and by hour according to the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) indicated on the airworthiness certificate of the aircraft, rounded to the higher ton.

Each hour begun is due.

For aprons, a 2-hour grace period is granted during which parking is free.

This fee is 0.13 euros excluding taxes per ton and per hour.


In compliance with article 10 of the July 22nd, 1959 order relating to conditions of establishment and collection of aircraft parking fees on airfields open to public air traffic, the following are exempted of the parking fee:

  • aircrafts specially attributed for travel of personalities exercising functions whose list is determined by decision of the minister overseeing civil and commercial aviation;
  • State aircrafts carrying out technical missions jointly defined by the minister in charge of civil and commercial aviation and the minister of the armed forces.


Passenger fees

Rate of passenger fees

In compliance with article R224-2 of civil aviation regulations, the fee per passenger corresponds to the use of facilities adapted for the reception of passengers and the public, as well as, if necessary, complementary services (check-in and boarding counters, baggage sorting facilities…).

In compliance with the February 26th1981 order, modified by the October 16th 2009 order, setting out conditions of the establishment and collection of fees for the use of facilities adapted for the reception passengers and goods at airports, the fee is due for the use of common use equipment for boarding, disembarking and welcoming of passengers. It is collected when the passenger boards.

For passengers boarding at a same airport, the fee may be set at different rates according to the geographic zone of the flight’s destination and the destinations can be divided into a maximum of four zones. The destinations for which the boarding of passengers does not require border control and those for which border controls have been eliminated in application of the Schengen Agreement of June 14th 1985 related to the gradual elimination of common border controls are classified in one unique zone.

The fee is due for all passengers traveling on an aircraft used for commercial purposes or on an aircraft whose maximum takeoff weight equals or is greater than 6 tons and which is not used for commercial purposes.

Rates per passenger at departure:


Rate excluding taxes

France and Schengen Area


Outside Schengen and international



In compliance with article 6 of the February 26th 1981 order (modified by article 1 of the December 19th 1994 order), the passenger fee is not due for:

  • aircrafts’ crew members;
  • passengers stopping momentarily at the airport and leaving with the same aircraft and with a flight number identical to the flight number upon the aircraft’s arrival;
  • passengers on an aircraft making a technical stop;
  • passengers on an aircraft making a forced return to the airport caused by technical incidents or unfavorable atmospheric conditions;
  • children under 2 years old.

Fee for persons who are disabled and/or have reduced mobility (PRM)

In compliance with EC regulation N° 1107/2006 of July 5th 2006, the fee related to PRM assistance services is set at €0.50 excluding taxes, per passenger at departure.


Other services for airlines

Handling fees

Aircraft category

Price excluding taxes

1 – Capacity of 4 to 29 passengers


2 – Capacity of 30 to 69 passengers


3 – Capacity of 69 to 129 passengers


4 – Capacity of 129 to 189 passengers


5 – Capacity of 190 passengers and more


For containerized aircraft, rates upon request. No cargo or postal assistance.

Pushback (€50 per pushback) is included in assistance for categories 2, 3, 4 and 5 (if tow bars are available).

Not included in these rates, the following services are performed upon request:

  • airplane towing: €177.16 (with crew in cockpit)
  • ASU: €157.02 per start;
  • GPU: €80.00 per hour
  • airplane cleaning: rates in function of type of service and size of aircraft;
  • emptying toilets: €80.00;
  • drinking water supply: €40.00;
  • waste treatment: €55.00;
  • 75/25 de-icing product: €7.50 per liter;
  • 100% anti-icing product: €9.50;
  • labor: €26.00 per hour;
  • steward: €35.00 per hour.

Aircraft empty at arrival: 85% of handling fees.

Aircraft empty at departure: 65% of handling fees.

Technical stop: 50% handling fees.

+ 50% of handling fees:

  • from 8 p.m. to midnight, local time;
  • from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m., local time.

Due to the curfew, no flight can be accepted between midnight and 5 a.m. local time.

Use of fuel distribution equipment

Airlines and other aircrafts deal directly with the distributor managing the fuel distribution equipment.

Aircraft fuel and oils are sold by the distributor at current oil prices.