Checking in at the airport

Checking in is an essential step in your trip. Check-in opens at least 2 hours before departure, and then closes between 40 and 60 minutes before the flight departs, depending on the airline. 

I have not checked in yet

If you have not checked in online before your arrival or if you have baggage to check-in, proceed to the check-in desks. Check the airport display screens to find out the check-in desk for your flight. Once at the desk, you will be able to choose your seat or be assigned a seat randomly (depending on availability), collect your boarding pass and/or drop off your check-in baggage. Do not hesitate to ask the staff any questions you have about your flight.


Special cases

If you are travelling with your family, we kindly ask that you check the mandatory documents required for your check-in before going to the check-in desk.

If you are travelling with your pet, you will need to check in at the desk and declare your animal.

I have already checked in

If you have already checked in, you can ask if it is possible to change your seat number or check in additional baggage. Bear in mind that changing seats or checking in additional baggage may incur additional costs.

Useful tips

Upon arrival at the terminal:

  • I check the large airport display screens near the entrance to ensure I am at the correct departure terminal (T1 or T2)
  • I also check the display screen for information about the check-in desk(s) for my flight in the last column.

Accessing the boarding lounge

Once you have checked in at the airport or if you have already checked in online, you can make your way to the boarding lounge as soon as possible. You will have to go through the security check areas, which can have long queues during busy periods. Make sure you are at your boarding gate 30 minutes before takeoff.


Please note: it is important to strictly adhere to allocated time frames to ensure that you can board your flight. Once this time frame has passed, your reservation is cancelled and you will have to buy a new ticket on another flight subject to seat availability.