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Schedul Flight No. Destination Airline Terminal Status Forecast
06:00 FR2995 OUJDA RYANAIR T1 Departed At 06:00
06:00 FR3114 IASI RYANAIR T2 Departed At
06:05 FR1515 FIGARI Sud Corse RYANAIR T1 Departed At 06:05
06:05 FR9548 CLUJ-NAPOCA RYANAIR T2 Departed At 06:05
08:25 FR5445 MADRID RYANAIR T1 Departed At 08:25
08:35 FR1325 VIENNE RYANAIR T1 Departed At 08:35
08:45 FR717 PALMA DE MAJORQUE RYANAIR T2 Departed At 08:45
08:50 FR4230 BUDAPEST RYANAIR T1 Departed At 09:00
08:50 W43332 CLUJ-NAPOCA WIZZ AIR MALTA T2 Departed At
08:50 FR3122 BARCELONE El Prat RYANAIR T1 Departed At 08:50
08:55 W43664 IASI WIZZ AIR MALTA T2 Departed At
09:05 FR2069 WROCLAW RYANAIR T2 Departed At 09:05
09:15 W43052 BUCAREST Otopeni WIZZ AIR MALTA T2 Departed At 09:15
09:20 FR3215 BOLOGNE RYANAIR T1 Departed At
09:40 FR3698 CRACOVIE RYANAIR T2 Departed At
10:00 FR1889 VARSOVIE Modlin RYANAIR T2 Departed
10:35 FR5223 FEZ RYANAIR T1 Departed
10:55 FR1540 TREVISE RYANAIR T2 Departed
10:55 FR7979 PISE RYANAIR T1 Departed
11:45 FR25 DUBLIN RYANAIR T1 Departed
12:00 FR166 ROME Fiumicino RYANAIR T2 Departed At 12:00
12:35 FR4368 SARAGOSSE RYANAIR T1 Departed At 12:35
12:40 FR7163 GERONE RYANAIR T1 Departed At 12:40
12:45 FR4933 PALERME RYANAIR T1 Departed
12:50 FR3580 LEEDS BRADFORD RYANAIR T1 Departed At 12:50
13:00 FR595 PORTO RYANAIR T2 Departed At 13:00
13:10 FR3433 MILAN Bergame RYANAIR T2 Departed At 13:10
13:20 FR2022 VIENNE RYANAIR T2 Departed At
13:50 FR4234 BUDAPEST RYANAIR T2 Departed Delayed
14:00 EJU1646 NICE COTE D'AZUR EASY JET T1 Departed At 14:00
15:25 FR9741 COPENHAGUE RYANAIR T2 Departed At 15:25
15:25 FR3723 MANCHESTER RYANAIR T1 Departed At 15:25
15:50 FR3636 LISBONNE RYANAIR T2 Departed Delayed 16:10
16:00 FR8942 GDANSK RYANAIR T2 Departed Delayed 17:00
16:15 FR4232 MILAN Bergame RYANAIR T2 Departed At 16:15
16:25 FR9160 BUCAREST Otopeni RYANAIR T1 Departed At 16:25
16:40 FR5592 EDIMBOURG RYANAIR T1 Departed At 16:40
16:40 W45140 TIRANA WIZZ AIR MALTA T1 Departed Delayed 17:35
16:55 FR8313 TIRANA RYANAIR T2 Departed Delayed 17:30
17:00 FR3979 BARI RYANAIR T2 Departed Delayed 17:25
17:10 FR6375 BARCELONE El Prat RYANAIR T2 Departed At 17:10
17:15 W64322 SOFIA WIZZ AIR T2 Departed At 17:15
17:25 FR7475 PORTO RYANAIR T2 Departed Delayed 17:30
17:45 FR1861 DUBLIN RYANAIR T1 Departed Delayed 17:55
17:55 FR6684 POZNAN RYANAIR T1 Departed At
18:15 FR2850 CATANE RYANAIR T2 Departed Delayed 18:30
18:55 FR1506 MALTE RYANAIR T2 Departed At 18:55
19:45 FR400 FUNCHAL RYANAIR T1 Departed At 19:45
19:50 FR7234 VILNIUS RYANAIR T2 Departed Delayed 20:45
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