Travelling with a pet

Will you be travelling with your pet? Travel arrangements for pets must be carefully planned.

Travel conditions

It is mandatory to specify that an animal will be travelling with you at the time of booking your trip. It is subject to the prior agreement of the airline.

Some of our airlines allow customers to travel with a pet.

For further details, please check your airline’s travel conditions on their official websites below:

Useful tips

Follow these tips to ensure that your pet travels with complete peace of mind and in the best conditions. Firstly, read and understand the formalities and conditions of carriage.

  • Familiarise yourself with the phytosanitary rules and formalities applicable in the country you are travelling to;
  • Your pet must be up to date with all mandatory vaccinations;
  • Any dog or cat travelling within the European Union must be identified by means of a microchip or tattoo, and must also have a European passport;
  • Do not forget to bring your pet’s health record, which must be up to date;
  • Make sure you have a cage that is suitable for your pet’s travel needs;
  • Depending on your destination, your pet may need to be quarantined on arrival. Check with your airline or the consulate in the destination country to find out the entry requirements for your animal;
  • If your animal is particularly fearful, nervous, or sensitive to motion sickness, please consult your veterinarian who will prescribe a suitable sedative, if necessary;
  • Consider leaving your pet a small bowl of water and food, as well as a floor mat or absorbent pad, so it can do its business.


Please note: whether in the cabin or hold, your pet and its cage / bag will be subject to a security check.

Only small animals are allowed in the cabin. The weight allowance varies depending on the airline. If you pet exceeds the maximum weight allowance for the cabin, it must travel in the hold.

To find cages approved for air transport, that are secure and suitable for the size and weight of your animal, you will need to go to a specialised animal outlet.

For any additional information, please check the website of the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition (in French).

Guide dogs

Guide dogs for passengers with a sensory or physical disability (blind or visually impaired) travel free of charge in the cabin alongside their owner, regardless of their weight and size.

If you have a disability and travel with a guide dog, make sure you take your mobility inclusion card [carte mobilité inclusion], or disability card with you. You do not have to pay extra to bring a guide dog with you on the plane.

For further details, please check your airline’s travel conditions below: