Online check-in

Check-in formalities

Depending on the airline you travel with, check-in can or must be carried out at the airport or in advance online on the website of your airline.

For further details, please check your airline’s website below:


Please note: advance online check-in allows you to go directly to the security checks before entering the boarding lounge, without having to check-in at the airport (unless you have to check in hold baggage), and also lets you choose your seat on the plane in advance with options to enjoy the view from the window or the comfort of the aisle.

How online check-in works

Log in to the airline’s website as soon as check-in is available (time frames vary depending on your airline). Check that all information about you is correct. Choose your seat and confirm your check-in. You will then have access to your boarding pass directly from your computer or phone.


Please note: Many airlines allow you to access your boarding pass on their mobile app after you have checked in. It is not mandatory to print it. Some apps such as the Ryanair app show the terminal, check-in desk and boarding gate for your flight. If in doubt, look up this info beforehand on the airport website and/or check the display screens once at the airport.


Important: Even if you check-in at home, keep in mind that you have to arrive at the airport in advance.