Security check

Security checks allow agents to verify that passengers are not carrying dangerous or illicit items in the cabin that could jeopardise the safety of flights. This procedure is mandatory for all passengers to access the boarding lounge, and then the plane. Your baggage, any additional items (such as pushchairs, medical equipment, etc.) and yourself will be checked. Please follow our guidelines to save time and be at ease while you travel.

Please note: Depending on your arrival time at the airport, there may be a long wait at security checks.

Security check steps

Step 1: Keep your travel documents close at hand.

Before going to the security check area, locate and keep your boarding pass close at hand. You will need to present it to pass through the automatic doors and then to the security agent. Also keep your identity documents close at hand.

Step 2: Place your personal belongings in trays.

Ensure that your cabin baggage and any other possessions are ready to be placed in trays provided to you.

Move forward to the screening stations. To save time, you can take off your coat / jacket, scarf and belt as you wait in the queue. You also need to empty your pockets, ensuring you remove all keys or coins. And also take off your watch.

Once you reach the security check area, take a tray and place these items in it.

We kindly ask that you remove your laptop, tablet or any other electronic device you are carrying in your hand baggage or other bag, and then place them in another tray so they can be screened separately. Devices such as hair dryers or straighteners must also be placed in a tray.

Present your liquids separately in another tray. Keep in mind that each passenger can only carry liquids on the plane in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml, which must be placed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre. Learn more.

Use this same tray to place any purchases you have made at the airport shops, which will have been placed in a sealed plastic bag by your sales assistant, with the sales receipt visible.

Also place your medicines accompanied by a prescription or any baby food in this tray.

Once your trays are duly filled, place your cabin baggage onto the X-ray conveyor belt.

Step 3: Confidently walk through the screening gate.

The security agents present are there to guide you. Wait to be asked to walk through the screening gate then follow any instructions.


Please note:

  • Additional checks may be carried out if any alarms are triggered by the screening gate, or may also be conducted randomly in accordance with current regulations.
  • A security agent (of the same sex) is authorised to carry out security pat-downs.  A security agent is also authorised to carry out a full search of your belongings and baggage.
  • You may also be asked to take off your shoes as they could contain metal parts. Follow the agent's instructions.
  • Inform security agents of any medical constraints that require a special check (pacemaker, prosthetic limb, treatment, etc.), and show them your medical certificate.

Step 4: Collect your belongings from the X-ray conveyor belt and proceed to the boarding lounge.

You have just gone through the security checks. Collect your various trays and baggage.

Use the tables at the end of the screening stations while gathering up your belongings.

You can then leave the screening station and make your way to the boarding lounge.

Items rejected from checks

If you have kept an item that is prohibited in the cabin of the plane on your person or in your cabin baggage, it will be confiscated from you by security agents. In this case, several options will be offered to you to avoid its destruction:

  • You can give it to a person still present on the other side of the security area and not travelling, otherwise an agent may allow you to put the rejected item back in your vehicle depending on the time you still have before your flight.
  • Return to the check-in desk to check in the bag containing this item (if allowed in the hold), (this service incurs additional costs)
  • Use Tripperty, a service that either stores your personal items prohibited in the cabin to be collected on your return, or arranges them to be sent to the address of your choice.