Checked-in baggage and oversized baggage

To minimise the time you spend at the airport, please take the time to prepare your baggage carefully. Weight allowance, oversized baggage, prohibited items, here you will find everything you need to know about your checked-in baggage.

Baggage policy

Most baggage is checked-in and stored in the hold of the plane. The types, number, weight and dimensions of this checked-in baggage vary depending on the airline.

Check your airline’s baggage policy below:


Please note: does the price of your ticket not include checked-in baggage? Would you like to add one item of baggage after your reservation? Always remember to check the baggage allowance you are entitled to on your airline’s website.

Oversized baggage

Does your baggage not meet your airline’s criteria?  Do you want to travel with your bike, surfboard, cello or any other bulky baggage items? This is considered oversized baggage. 

Special conditions may be granted by airlines for these different types of baggage. Please check your airline’s conditions on its website.

You can specify your oversized baggage when you make your reservation or once you arrive at the airport, at the dedicated check-in desk.

Please note: when preparing your oversized baggage, always use good quality packaging that ensures its protection and adhere to the standards in force for transporting it: bicycles or scooters, for example, must be covered under certain conditions (battery and removable parts). Also remember to properly label your baggage.

Products allowed / prohibited

Regulations relating to prohibited or restricted items on airplanes apply to all air transport. Liquids, cosmetics, aerosols and sharp or blunt items are allowed in checked-in baggage in the hold. But other items are prohibited: 

  • Explosive substances and devices;
  • Flammable liquids, solids or gases;
  • Toxic or infectious substances;
  • Self-defence gases and materials;
  • Radioactive materials;
  • Corrosive or irritating substances;
  • Lithium batteries and fuel cells.

It is also prohibited to carry electronic cigarettes in checked-in baggage. They are allowed in the cabin but it is prohibited to use them during the flight. 

We kindly ask that you remove/disconnect batteries from electronic devices.

For further details, please check the website of the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC).

Useful tips

Before leaving for the airport:

  • I check that the size of my baggage complies with the dimensions allowed by my airline.
  • I check the weight of my suitcase to avoid paying extra when I arrive at the airport.
  • I attach a label to my suitcase with my first and last name, address and phone number.
  • I peel off any label and barcode from my previous trip.
  • I put distinctive sign on my suitcase so I do not confuse it with another passenger’s suitcase.
  • I carefully pack any fragile item.
  • I only put things that are essential or valuable in my cabin suitcase, and put everything else in my checked in baggage.


At the airport:

  • I never leave my baggage unattended – not even for a moment, otherwise it could be destroyed.
  • I report any abandoned baggage or packages to airport officials.
  • I never accept any baggage or packages from a third person.


Please note: damaged, poorly packaged, fragile or unsuitable baggage may be carried. However, the airline will not assume any liability by having you sign a waiver at check-in.