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Scheduled Flight No. Destination Airline Terminal Plane type
09:15 W63332 CLUJ-NAPOCA WIZZ AIR T1 A320
09:20 W63052 BUCAREST Otopeni WIZZ AIR T1 A320
10:25 FR1084 LISBONNE RYANAIR T2 B737-8
11:15 FR7418 FARO RYANAIR T2 B737-8
14:00 FR6375 BARCELONE El Prat RYANAIR T2 B737-8
15:20 W63522 TIMISOARA WIZZ AIR T1 A320
15:30 0B6806 IASI BLUE AIR AVIATION SA T1 B737-5
15:45 W64046 BELGRADE WIZZ AIR T1 A320
22:35 FR7475 PORTO RYANAIR T1 B737-8
07:45 W66914 CHISINAU WIZZ AIR T1 A320