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History of the airport

Since its creation in 1955, Paris-Beauvais Airport has been continually developing and modernizing. Today it welcomes around 4 million passengers every year.

The early days: a regional project

In 1955, the concession of the Oise Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established: Paris Beauvais Airport opens for commercial flights. The first route, serving England, is inaugurated the following year, in 1956. 

Development period

In 1980, Terminal 1 is inaugurated.

In 1997, the airline Ryanair arrives at the airport.

Modernization speeds up

In 2006, the Joint Association of the Beauvais – Tillé Airport (SMABT) is created. In 2007, the State transfers ownership of the airport to the SMABT. The Beauvais airport management and operation company (SAGEB) is created in 2008, spurring new development.

To improve travel conditions for passengers, Terminal 2 is built in 2010. Then in 2011, the airport installs the ILS Category III instrument landing system, making it possible to conduct airplane movements in very low visibility conditions (fog, heavy rain).

In 2014, modernization works are in full swing: overhaul of the Whisky taxiway, of Terminal 1 airplane parking and of runway 04-22.

In 2015, the bus station is created, optimizing public transport access to the airport and improving travel conditions for the millions of passengers passing through it every year.