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Real time schedule

Scheduled Flight No. Destination Airline Terminal Forecast Status
07:45 W66914 CHISINAU WIZZ AIR T1 On time 07:45 Departed
08:40 FR4232 MILAN Bergame RYANAIR T2 On time 08:40 Departed
09:00 FR4984 TREVISE RYANAIR T2 On time 09:00 Departed
09:20 W63332 CLUJ-NAPOCA WIZZ AIR T1 Departed
09:25 FR9632 ROME Ciampino RYANAIR T2 On time 09:25 Departed
09:25 W63052 BUCAREST Otopeni WIZZ AIR T1 Departed
09:30 FR3698 CRACOVIE RYANAIR T2 On time 09:30 Departed
09:30 FR1829 PRAGUE RYANAIR T2 On time 09:30 Departed
10:00 FR1506 MALTE RYANAIR T2 On time 10:00 Departed
10:15 FR1084 LISBONNE RYANAIR T1 On time 10:35 Departed
10:20 FR3116 BEZIERS Cap d Agde RYANAIR T1 On time 10:20 Departed
10:35 FR9134 PORTO RYANAIR T2 On time 10:35 Departed
13:15 FR6375 BARCELONE El Prat RYANAIR T2 Delayed 13:30 Departed
13:20 FR5263 SEVILLE RYANAIR T2 On time 13:20 Departed
13:30 0B6806 IASI BLUE AIR AVIATION SA T1 Departed
13:40 FR8414 BUDAPEST RYANAIR T1 Departed
14:15 FR9504 STOCKHOLM Skavsta RYANAIR T1 Departed
14:50 FR1861 DUBLIN RYANAIR T1 On time 14:50 Departed
15:10 FR7744 TANGER RYANAIR T1 On time 15:10 Departed
15:30 W61922 POZNAN WIZZ AIR T2 On time 15:30 Departed
16:05 FR4055 VARSOVIE Modlin RYANAIR T2 On time 16:05 Departed
16:20 FR7119 VALENCE RYANAIR T2 20:00 Delayed
17:05 FR7479 PORTO RYANAIR T2 Delayed 17:20 Departed
17:30 FR8709 BARI RYANAIR T2 On time 17:30 Departed
18:00 FR9977 PISE RYANAIR T2 On time 18:00 Closed
18:55 FR5445 MADRID Barajas RYANAIR T2 On time 18:55 Boarding access
19:05 FR8097 RABAT Salé RYANAIR T1 On time 19:05 Boarding access
19:25 FR6794 SOFIA RYANAIR T1 On time 19:25 Check-in
19:50 FR5213 MARRAKECH RYANAIR T1 Check-in
20:30 W61632 GDANSK WIZZ AIR T2
20:55 FR9636 ROME Ciampino RYANAIR T2
21:15 W67720 SKOPJE WIZZ AIR T1
22:25 W63982 CRAIOVA WIZZ AIR T1
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Come to Beauvais Cathedral and enjoy the highest gothic choir in the world! From Paris, take advantage of our “24 hours” return ticket.

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