Access by car

Airport address

Paris Beauvais Airport is located near Paris and major cities of the north and west of France, at the heart of a seamless transportation network. By car or shuttle, airport access is simple and practical.

Itinerary from Paris

Located just 77 km from Paris, Paris-Beauvais Airport is easily accessible from the capital:

  • Leave Paris by the Porte de la Chapelle, in the direction of Lille by the A1/E19 motorway;
  • Exit and take the N401 towards Amiens/Beauvais;
  • In Saint-Denis, continue on the N1 towards Amiens/Beauvais;
  • Take the A16/E401 motorway towards Amiens/Beauvais;
  • Exit at Beauvais-Nord (exit n°15) and take the D901 then the N1 towards Amiens;
  • Enter Tillé following the Airport direction.

Itinerary from Beauvais

To get to the airport from downtown Beauvais, the direct drive takes about ten minutes:

  • Leave Beauvais in the direction of Amiens by the national road 1 (N1);
  • Once in Tillé, follow the Airport direction.

Examples of travel times by car from major cities in the region

  • Paris (Porte de la Chapelle) – Beauvais (77km): 1h15
  • Lille – Beauvais (195km): 1h50
  • Amiens – Beauvais (52km): 40 mins
  • Rouen – Beauvais (82km): 1h10
  • Caen – Beauvais (212 km): 2h35
  • Le Havre – Beauvais (175 km): 2h10
  • Compiègne – Beauvais (61 km): 50 mins
  • Cergy-Pontoise – Beauvais (55km): 50 mins
  • La Defense – Beauvais (90km): 1 hour

These travel times are indicative. They may vary depending on traffic conditions.