Formalities and check-in

ID card, passport, visa… To best prepare your trip, check that you have all necessary documents for departure.

Depending on your destination, you will need one or several identification documents (passport or national identity card). Without these documents, you may be unable to board the plane or unable to enter your flight’s destination country. We advise that you get relevant information from your destination country as soon as you have booked your tickets.


Depending on the airline you are traveling with, you can check in at the airport or online, through the airline’s official website.

Check-in opens at least 2 hours before departure. 

Check-in closes between 40 and 60 minutes before flight’s departure, depending on the airline.

To learn more, check your airline’s website:

Identity papers

It is each passenger's responsibility to ensure that they have valid travel documentation (photo mandatory). For children, consult your airline's travel conditions.

Depending on the country you are traveling to, you may need:

  • a valid passport;
  • a valid national identity card, issued by one of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Please note that some EEA countries do not issue identity cards;
  • in some cases, a visa;
  • other documents required by your destination country.

A bit of advice:

  • official family record books cannot be accepted as travel documents;
  • for flights to Morocco, United Kingdom and Ukraine, only passports are accepted.

Special case: on domestic flights in France, Ryanair accepts French driver’s licenses as identity papers.

To determine the necessary documents, see the “Advice for travelers” section of the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in French).

Consent for Children travelling abroad

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