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Wifi and Internet

Wifi and Internet

Need to work or want to surf the Internet while waiting for your flight? Paris Beauvais Airport has free and unlimited Wifi as well as a VIP offer for even greater comfort.

How to connect to Wifi?

The Wifi public service is available:

  • in Terminals 1 and 2;
  • outside both terminals;
  • at the bus station.

To connect:

Your device’s (laptop, tablet or telephone) Wifi function must be activated. Select the network “Free Wifi Beauvais Airport” and connect.

Then launch your usual internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari…). You will be automatically redirected to the airport’s homepage to log in.

Choose between two connection modes:

Free Wifi connection

Choosing this option will give you a free Wifi connection for 30 minutes with no limit on renewal.

VIP Wifi connection, for a fee

For 5 euros, the Wifi VIP connection lets you surf the Internet with maximum comfort:

  • 10x more bandwidth compared to free offer;
  • 24-hour connection;
  • can be used on several devices (non-simultaneously);
  • valid on the airport’s entire Wifi network.




Internet terminals

Internet terminals

Atlanteam Internet terminals are available in the public areas of Terminals 1 and 2. They are practical and let you:

  • surf the Internet;
  • play games;
  • check your email;
  • design and print documents;
  • work;
  • phone.

Technical support

Technical support

A problem using Wifi at the airport? Atlanteam’s technical support answers all your questions at +33 (0)800 300 344 (no fee from France), or by email at support(at)atlanteam(dot)com