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Paris Beauvais Airport boasts several restaurants and snack bars for whatever you desire! From breakfast to dinner, the staff is on hand to advise you and answer your questions.

Starbucks Coffee

Airport bus station, public area 

The indispensable American coffee shop has hot and cold drinks as well as savory and original sandwiches, salads and desserts. And give in to their original selection of Paris souvenirs!


Airport bus station, public area

A little hankering between your arrival and the shuttle departure for Paris? Franks’ American specialties are for you!

A genuine fast-good restaurant, Franks serves up American classics like the hot dog, with both surprising and high quality recipes. Hot dogs, bagels, donuts, muffins, cookies, pop dots… Find the classic fare of legendary diners right in the airport!

Sport's Bar

Terminal 1 public area

The Sport's Bar welcomes you in Terminal 1. While you enjoy your meal, watch the major sports events of the day, and let yourself relax in a cosy space. 

Pizzeria Tony

Terminal 1 public area

Near the boarding area, Pizzeria Tony has fast service and a wide choice of fresh home-made products: pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, salads, specials of the day and desserts.

Illy Café

Terminal 1 departures lounge

Well known to coffee connoisseurs, Illy is the place to slow down and enjoy a fine cup of coffee in pure Italian tradition. The café also offers salads and fresh pasta dishes, sandwiches and pastries.

Brasserie Le Faubourg

Terminal 2 public area

The brasserie Le Faubourg is the perfect place to pass the time before flying, in a typically Parisian modern and lively atmosphere. Relax inside or on the terrace for lunch, dinner or a coffee.

On the menu, the Faubourg has kept children and adults in mind: daily specials, meat, pasta, burgers and fries, or delicious salads… From starters to desserts, dig in to the great brasserie classics.

The Faubourg staff is on hand to show you the season’s specials.


Terminal 2 public area

The renowned international bakery Paul remains a must to satisfy everyone, since 1889.

Practical and fast, Paul offers a bite to eat with no time wasted before your flight. Choose among a great variety of hot or cold sandwiches, salads and numerous pastries.

Trib’s: restaurant, newsstand, cigarettes, souvenirs

Terminal 2 departures lounge

Want a snack before boarding your plane? Come to Trib’s, Relay’s new eatery.

In a modern and cozy space, Trib’s offers original cooking at very affordable prices, for all the day’s wishes: hot meals, sandwiches, salads… Not to mention delicious desserts and a range of hot and cold drinks, with its unbeatable fresh-squeezed orange juice!