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Establish your business in Oise

The department welcomes businesses and does its best for them to settle there. The Oise CCI lists all the lots and facilities available in the territory. It supports project developers in the different stages of creation as well as in market studies, urban development advice, training or filing financial aid requests.

With the growth of digital communications, a special effort is made to simplify telecommuting from dedicated centers. Business centers and incubators, whose mission is to encourage the creation of new activities, are developing… They are present throughout the territory and offer attractive rates and complementary services to entrepreneurs: individual support, networking, group activities, office equipment…

Oise is welcoming and accessible. Through a pro-active real estate policy, it offers an optimal economic environment for your projects to succeed. 

Want to locate your company in Oise?

To find premises or a lot, visit (in French), the site for buildings and land available in the Oise

This tool helps companies find available land, warehouses, offices, workshops… The goal of this site, managed by the Oise CCI, is to help different actors learn about and inform others about available premises and lots on the same site. 

The Oise CCI supports you in your search and setup procedures. For all information, call +33 (0)3 44 79 80 81

Made available by the Oise CCI, the site helps you choose premises and lots corresponding to your company’s needs. Want to invest in our department? Already settled in? The proposed offers will help you move ahead with your economic development project.

Beyond helping you settle in, the CCI offers many services: financing, training, setup studies, sustainable development, digital, etc. The 140-strong team of the Oise CCI provide you with expert, personalized support, and will guide you thanks to their perfect knowledge of the territory.

“Go for Oise!”

Find a business area

The Oise has about 300 business areas, and ¾ of them still have land available. They are located throughout the territory, with a concentration around the cities of Beauvais, Compiègne, Creil, and, to a lesser degree, Clermont.

The Oise CCI manages a business areas observatory. For all information: +33 (0)3 44 79 80 75

A dynamic real estate strategy to facilitate the welcome of businesses

The Oise CCI seeks to provide adapted answers to the needs of businesses. To do so, the Oise CCI and the Chamber of Trade have created “Isarienne d’Immobilier d’Entreprise” in order to buy, renovate and equip different sites, offering attractive new work spaces (offices, workshops, storage facilities…) throughout the department.

Compiègne: the Mercières business area

Two sites, two ambitions to better respond to companies’ needs!

  • Rue Clément Ader, the Oise CCI proposes two buildings of rental offices, entirely renovated, for a total of nearly 3,000 m2 and located on a fenced site with adapted parking facilities. It offers diversified units from 45 to 200 m2, which help respond to all needs.
  • Rue Gustave Eiffel, the Oise CCI is pursuing its plans to build a 7,350 m2 business center, integrating not only a service hub and aid to enterprises, but also floor space available for rent and for sale.

Nogent-sur-Oise: Boulevard Pierre de Coubertin

The Oise CCI proposes an entire professional facility for rent with parking and green spaces including 3 buildings situated on a fenced plot of 6200 m2. In all, 9 independent units can accommodate administrative-type activities or artisanal activities in adapted facilities (sectional doors…) 

For more information, call +33 (0)3 44 79 80 47

South Oise: Saint Maximin business area

Isarienne d’immobilier d’entreprise purchased a business center in the south of Oise, at the gates of the Paris region. In the heart of the Creil/Saint Maximin business area, the two buildings of the Bois Saint Romain center provide office rentals from 20 to 115 m2 and workshops and/or storage spaces from 16 to 160 m2.

A rental offer with an ideal geographic setup: 10 mn from the A1 highway (Paris/Lille), 20 mn from the Paris CDG airport and the soon-completed Creil Roissy fast train line at 20 mn!

An office rental service by day or half-day is also proposed.

Beauvais: « Triangle du Haut Villé » business park

At the gates of the A16 highway and the Paris Beauvais airport, the Triangle du Haut Villé business park offers quality and work comfort at a competitive price.

16 units of offices and workshops at the heart of a fenced site, with a 50-space car park.

For all information or reservations: +33 (0)6 10 58 59 01 or contact(at)isarienne-immo(dot)fr

A Telecommuting Center in Oise

An opportunity for companies and employees in Oise, Stop&Work, in partnership with the Oise CCI, welcomes the first Oise telecommuters in Beauvais. Our goal: meet the mobility and flexibility stakes, improve the quality of life for Oise workers who choose to telecommute, but also foster teamwork.

In Beauvais, this modern tele-center of more than 1000 m2 offers different workspaces and is equipped with communication tools adapted to mobile and at-distance working. It provides a uniform quality of services for users and several workspaces and sites that are interconnected at departmental but also national and even international level. To date, the network has 4 tele-centers in Beauvais, Fontainebleau, Montereau and Cergy.

Beyond the environmental gain in terms of the fight against pollution and the reduction of transport time and cost, this new workspace provides a site for discussions and interaction and a possibility for SMEs/micro-enterprises, entrepreneurs and employees of large companies to meet and network.

Espace Galilée, 1 rue du Pont de Paris, Beauvais

A strategic site at only 10 minutes from the train station and the airport, the Beauvais telecommuting center offers an ideal work environment while you are on the road. Set up in a simple and functional building, you can sit and work without wasting a moment. Very practical, it is located near a residential neighborhood, main transport thoroughfares and local highways.

Key points for the Beauvais telecommuting center:

  • 1000 m2 of floorspace
  • 95 worksites
  • 37 offices
  • 3 meeting rooms
  • 1 videoconference room

Contact: +33 (0)800 023 077

Reserve online here (in French).