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CCIO and Airport


The Oise department Chamber of commerce and industry is a State public administration serving companies. It represents more than 21,000 businesses in industry, commerce and services, in turn representing about 130,260 jobs.


Nurture the drive to start up a business, stimulate business development, foster the optimization of employees through targeted training programs and clubs of experts, improve companies’ performance and competitiveness and defend their interests, fully contribute to the rapid development of structuring projects on our territory… This is the very essence of our missions, a vocation which we carry out through several services for companies. Our ability to act is essential, it is the backbone of our policy and numerous projects designed to support our citizens, whatever their activity, their size and the degree of their project’s maturity.

Every day, we seek unique solutions for our companies, to respond to their needs and expectations and to constantly adapt our support offer. We do our utmost to actively support all our companies’ and communities’ innovative initiatives, promote entrepreneurship, simplify companies’ lives, support local businesses, engage in the digital economy and sustainable development, mobilize ourselves for structuring projects…

We are present in all the actions which help leverage economic growth in companies, whether through advice, providing connections to the right partners, or giving logistical support in, for example, providing office space or facilities for other activities.

The Oise CCI works with all the Department’s economic actors, whether they are institutions, municipalities or big accounts,  and whether they play a role in economic, social, political or educational spheres.

Companies and municipalities need our support; we are more present and ambitious than ever in order to work together for a strong, innovative and forward-looking economy.

CCI OISE, faire avancer toutes les envies d’entreprendre

Pour toute information 03 44 79 80 81